Stitched Saturday – March

Unedited, uncensored, unsettling… Before we get started on this months story selection, a personal note. This week the horror world lost not only a shining and unique voice, but one of the most genuinely nice people you could know. One of my fellow Stitched Smile authors Draven Ames passed a few days back, and it's … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – March

Stitched Saturday

Three pictures to provide horror inspiration this week, and you have two weeks to get your pieces of short fiction in for submission on the blog - no word count this week, so let your imaginations run wild!  If you submit a tale, post it as a comment to this thread making a clear indication … Continue reading Stitched Saturday


He’s after me. The errant thought makes no sense. He can't be after me. He doesn't know me. Still, I run. My sneakers skid on the ancient tile, the squeal a harsh grate against the whining ping of ricocheting bullets. Slicked with cold sweat, my hand slips off the door knob. I fumble, manage to … Continue reading Spree

Stitched Saturday – Apocalypse: Now!

And this is how the world ends - not with a bang or with a whimper, but with some finely crafted pieces of Armageddon-tinged short fiction. The challenge set a fortnight ago was to write a short story (with the theme of "The Apocalypse") but it had to be two hundred words or less... The … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – Apocalypse: Now!

Stitched Sunday

A later post than usual - I've been gallivanting off at a convention this weekend (Nine Worlds - thoroughly recommended for any UK fans of geekdom in all its amazing glory) so unreliable internet put paid to the normal schedule.  But I think you'll find that it's been well worth the wait... We have two … Continue reading Stitched Sunday

Stitched… Sunday!

After a brief unexpected absence of a week, we're back! As well as having the customary inspirational pictures for a story for next Saturday (no upper or lower word limits - go for it) we have the first part of a excellent new story - In Dire Straits - from Stitched Saturday newcomer Alisha Jordan. … Continue reading Stitched… Sunday!

Stitched Saturday

Take a few pew, horror fans!  Only the one submission this week, based on my concept from a fortnight ago of having a story that opened with the line... "Tina pressed her foot down on the accelerator and didn't look back." ...but boy, what a story we've got. The ever-excellent Mike L Lane has, in … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched… Sunday?

Uncensored, unedited, unsettling... Slightly later than usual, here's this weeks Stitched Flash Fiction results - You may remember than Aiden Leingod presented us with a number of pictures last week, all based around the theme of music.  This week we have three tales from the theme - Instrument of Destruction by yours truly, Mother Stamper's … Continue reading Stitched… Sunday?

Stitched Saturday – This Weeks Challenge

Another Sunday challenge is upon us - don't they come around quick?  This weeks inspiration is provided by Aiden Leingod, whose name you might recognise as being the contributor to a great many Stitched Saturdays - he's the scribe of many a twisted tale. Anyway, this week's theme is that of music. Aiden's provided with four … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – This Weeks Challenge

Stitched Saturday

Can you feel that? That sensation of impending dread? And that noise - that dreaded eldritch noise that can only signify the ominous dawning of another (dum dum duuuummmmm) Stitched Saturday? Or, it might just be the pipes. They've been playing up. Last week our resident Mistress of the Macabre MF Wahl gave us some … Continue reading Stitched Saturday