Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Here are the details of the Flash Fiction challenge for this coming Stitched Saturday (the 22nd of April) There are two pictures to choose from this week - post your story as a comment on this blog post, stating which picture (1 or 2) has inspired your tale. Come up with something suitably chilling between 500 … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Stitched Saturday

Unedited, Uncensored, Unsettling... The Flash Fiction challenge this week was a little different - as opposed to a single picture, three were given as inspiration. We have four pieces of short fiction from four writers for your delectation and delight. Thanks to Mike L. Lane,  Jason Morton and Tilby Noir.  The picture that inspired each … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday! 3.25.17

By David Court They say that if you listen hard enough on a dark windless night, you can hear the screams of laughter over the distant echoes of a discordant carnival calliope. But not tonight. The only sound tonight is that of relentless rain, the occasional crack of thunder slamming through the firmament to break … Continue reading Stitched Saturday! 3.25.17

Stitched … Sunday?

I forgot to schedule this for Saturday! Ugh Migraines be the Devil. The Stitchers got together and put out some fine fiction! Below is the picture we used for the challenge, and each Stitched VIP Author's (unedited) work. Remember and be kind. This was on the fly! If you want to participate, respond in comments! … Continue reading Stitched … Sunday?

The Ghastly Glittergrieve – A Christmas Cautionary Tale

At the same precise time every year, come dark on Christmas Eve, A blighted spirit springs to life, the ghastly GLITTERGRIEVE. As children try to fall asleep, it’s scurrying 'cross your ceiling, A shadowy nook it'll find itself, (one prime for self-concealing). No bigger than a walnut yet, this nasty little shade. Observing from his … Continue reading The Ghastly Glittergrieve – A Christmas Cautionary Tale

A Christmas tale from the twisted mind of Ash Hartwell.

  Left Under The Tree.   Ash Hartwell.       Bethany crashed to the icy pavement in the pitch-black alley, and immediately wished she had chosen not to wear the shoes with the kick-ass heels. During the office Christmas Eve party, where, incidentally, she had looked every inch the Partner-to-be, they had been the … Continue reading A Christmas tale from the twisted mind of Ash Hartwell.