The Night Stockers

Happy Tuesday. Today we are looking at the KillerCon Splatterpunk Award for Best Novel: The Night Stockers by Ryan Harding and Kristopher Triana. Attention shoppers! The employees of the Freshway grocery store aren’t too happy about having to do an overnight shift, but they’re about to be even unhappier. Their rival store, Devil’s Food, is … Continue reading The Night Stockers

TBT: Transparent Walkways

Happy Throwback Thursday! In 2019, SSP released Transparent Walkways, a short story collection by Veronica Smith.] A well-worn path can take you to many different types of places… Veronica Smith presents Transparent Walkways, a collection of short stories and flash fiction in which joy, contentment, and delight can lead to dread and horror if you … Continue reading TBT: Transparent Walkways

Beyond Reform

Happy Tuesday. Let’s look at another Splatterpunk Award winner. Today we discuss the winner for Best Collection: Beyond Reform by Aron Beauregard, Jon Athan, and Jasper Bark. EXTERMINATION IS THE ONLY SALVATION Most people, no matter how flawed, have at least one redeemable quality. But the foulest fraction of society is born broken, on a … Continue reading Beyond Reform

The Five Senses of Horror

Happy Friday. We have been discussing anthologies, and yesterday we talked about the Splatterpunk Award winner for best anthology, Baker’s Dozen. But what if you are looking for a horror anthology that is a bit less … gruesome? Something a bit more cerebral? Let’s talk about The Five Senses of Horror. Hearing, sight, touch, smell, … Continue reading The Five Senses of Horror

Baker’s Dozen

It’s time to look at the Splatterpunk Award winners. First up is Best Anthology Baker’s Dozen from Uncomfortably Dark, edited by Candace Nola. Delicious Dark Delights for your horror consumption! Come indulge in the dark and disturbing with 13 tantalizing tales of terror written by an incredible lineup of independent horror authors. With stories ranging … Continue reading Baker’s Dozen

The Face You Wear

Happy Friday. What’s everyone reading? Available today is the new psychological horror thriller The Face You Wear by Faith Pierce. An unknown threat is creeping its way into Jana’s residence in this psychological horror novel. Jana overcame a bleak, poverty-stricken childhood to achieve her version of the American dream. She has her own home, a … Continue reading The Face You Wear


No throwback this Thursday because we have something new to show you. We have been talking about dark poetry, and House of Stitched’s own M Ennenbach has a new collection out titled (un)tethered. (un)tethered by rationality, adrift on waves of bipolar dissonance, a collection of pining odes to wildflowers and succulent agonies in the grip … Continue reading (un)tethered


Happy Throwback Thursday. In 2018, Stitched Smile Publications published Voices, a collection by A.J. Brown. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is also a terrible place to live. Thoughts, fears, and paranoid thoughts lurk in the shadows, waiting to pounce when you are most vulnerable. Those thoughts whisper words of no escape. … Continue reading Voices