Peter Molnar

Peter Molnar is an author, singer-songwriter, musician, educator, and editor. His short stories have appeared in “City Slab: Urban Tales of the Grotesque”, “Necrotic Shorts”, Hydrophobia: A Charity Anthology to Benefit Hurricane Harvey Victims, and the upcoming Tenebrous Tales Anthology. His blog, “As the Shadow Stirs”, is a mashup of music, movies, horror, and superheroes and can be found on his home web page. Broken Birds is his debut novel. He lives and works in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and two cats. Currently, he is at work on his next book, “Undiscovered Countries”, and a novella, “The Remainders: A Revenge Fantasy”. Visit Peter at the following sites:


Will Bentley is an Iraq war veteran and Pulitzer-Prize winning writer who wants nothing more than a quiet, uneventful life with his girlfriend, Mina, and his German shepherd, Albie, a dog he rescued from her abusive owners in a ravaged Iraqi province during one of his tours.

But they say you never truly know who your neighbors are. Neighbors like Stella and Jack Post, a twentysomething couple whose marriage is dysfunctional at its best and violent at its worst. But Stella has a secret. Karl, her lover, was just released from prison and revenge is in the air and that revenge involves abducting Albie.

Broken Birds is a story of two families set on a blistering collision course with one another. Can Will find a way to rescue Albie from her deranged, abusive captors and protect his family or will they cost him everything?