Why Are We Here?

Look at that existential title! Look at it. Philosophy students, if you googled here in error, I am sorry to disappoint you. This isn't that kind of blog post, but I will still give you your answer. Research is still yours to do, though. Tacos. We're here for tacos. Yes, vegan philosophy major with the … Continue reading Why Are We Here?

Being Professional

What makes a writer a professional? It's not money, though I can see where you could think so. Deriving your entire income from writing may very well make you a self-sufficient writer, but I have seen writers who are self-sufficient without being one whit of a professional. Panel appearances aren't the litmus. Not all panels … Continue reading Being Professional

Why I Write, or Obligatory Author’s Post No. 1

 So, there it was.  I said it.  I laid out the foundation of every insecurity I have about myself, and now a room full of people sit, silently rolling it around in their heads. Just another monthly meeting of the local writing group. Of course, they weren’t actually thinking about my flaws.  Maybe a couple … Continue reading Why I Write, or Obligatory Author’s Post No. 1