2019 . . . February so far!

New website? So I’ve signed up for Wix to create a website but I need to watch some YouTube tutorials to see what I’m doing. I tried just going at it and there’s no way. I’ve never set up a website. I don’t know if this WordPress counts. It was super easy to set up. … Continue reading 2019 . . . February so far!

Ringing in 2019

2018 was actually a pretty good year for me but I plan for 2019 to be even better. In 2018, I had tables/booths at six events in 2018. Some were just okay while others were so amazing. Some, I shared with other authors and had a blast. Others, I did by myself. I've gotten over … Continue reading Ringing in 2019

My first YA book and the short stories that I love to write!

On my last post I was still up in the air about which book I was going to start. I decided to go with the Young Adult zombie novel. This will be based on my short story, “The Treehouse,” which was published in the anthology “Bite Sized Offerings.” That had to be kid friendly so … Continue reading My first YA book and the short stories that I love to write!

2017 – A New Year and Better Year!

I haven’t posted here in a long time. Work gets in the way of my writing sometimes. While the Oil & Gas industry has been hit with hard times, I’ve been as busy as a one armed paperhanger (to quote Annie Wilkes). As a drafter I’ve been working plenty, even gotten some overtime now and … Continue reading 2017 – A New Year and Better Year!

Flash Fiction / Short Story by Veronica Smith

Last week I was up late, waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in. I’ve suffered from Insomnia for years, and only Zolpidem lets me sleep through the night without waking every hour. But, if I stay up too late it tends to make me woozy. Anyway, this particular night I was coming from my … Continue reading Flash Fiction / Short Story by Veronica Smith

Visualizing the Story

I wrote a story called Beneath the Floodwaters. Currently, it is in submission phase for an anthology (fingers crossed). The story summary is this: Some college kids decided to hang out in the park one day to drink. Since the park didn’t allow alcohol or even glass bottles they hiked into the woods with their … Continue reading Visualizing the Story

The End – It’s not really though . . .

I’m reaching the end of my book (finally) and I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I know very shortly I’ll be typing those two little words that all authors love to see.  But it’s not really the end.  I have to go back and do all my timeline checks … Continue reading The End – It’s not really though . . .