Stitched Saturday… The Return!

After a bit of a well-needed break, Stitched Saturday is back - and this time, better than ever. We're not only giving you more time to craft your macabre musings, but there's a chance that they'll be published too. This October, Stitched Smile will be releasing a collection of the very best stories submitted to … Continue reading Stitched Saturday… The Return!

Stitched Halloween

(adopts best John Kassir Crypt Keeper Voice) Happy Halloween, Stitchers! Here's hoping you're having an excellent one so far. To assist with the spookiness of this hallowed evening, we've got a pumpkin-full of treats for you. We begin the festivities with Halloween on Charleston Street by Nick Paschall, followed by He Came Home by Briana Robertson. … Continue reading Stitched Halloween

Stitched Saturday

Welcome, Horror fans, to another Stitched Saturday.  Hope your Friday the 13th was luckier than usual, and that you managed to take part in some of the Stitched Smile fun from yesterday - if you missed it, worry not - you can recap from this blog. There are all manner of free bits of fiction … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

An Excerpt from Tip Of The Iceberg by Ash Hartwell

Welcome to Stitched Smile's glorious Friday the 13th weekend!  Today it's the turn of Ash Hartwell - Stitched Smile recently released his debut novel Tip Of The Iceberg. Tip Of The Iceberg is set on board RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage and follows crew and passengers alike as the struggle for survival. The iceberg is the … Continue reading An Excerpt from Tip Of The Iceberg by Ash Hartwell

Stitched Saturday

Greetings, horror fans!  We've now entered the most horror friendly period of the year - the evenings are drawing in, there is the hint of a chill in the air and - best of all - it's nearly Halloween. In two weeks time, I'll be taking submissions for a special Halloween Stitched Saturday, but in … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday

Happy weekend to all you Stitched souls!  We have just one story submitted this week - but what a story - We have the absolutely outstanding Hair of the Dog by Aiden Leingod, which has to be read to be believed.  And, because we believe in spoiling you with excellent fiction, we have the seventh instalment … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday

Hi, horror fans! You still have until next weekend to get your stories in for the next Stitched Saturday - details on last weeks blog - but you'll still get your horror fix this week in the form of the next installments of Born Of A Witch by Nick Paschall and In Dire Straits by … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday

Three pictures to provide horror inspiration this week, and you have two weeks to get your pieces of short fiction in for submission on the blog - no word count this week, so let your imaginations run wild!  If you submit a tale, post it as a comment to this thread making a clear indication … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday – Apocalypse: Now!

And this is how the world ends - not with a bang or with a whimper, but with some finely crafted pieces of Armageddon-tinged short fiction. The challenge set a fortnight ago was to write a short story (with the theme of "The Apocalypse") but it had to be two hundred words or less... The … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – Apocalypse: Now!

Stitched Saturday

Greetings, horror fans! As there's still another week to get your short stories in - details below - this week sees the continuation of our two serialised stories.  We have the 4th part of In Dire Straits by Alisha Jordan, and the 3rd installment of Born of a Witch by Nick Paschall. And, remember, you … Continue reading Stitched Saturday