Stitched Saturday

Unedited, uncensored, unsettling… The last writing prompt was for stories related to abandoned buildings, and Ezekiel and Aiden more than rose to the challenge and have gifted us with two incredible stories; two amazing original tales - Shadowend Funeral Home by Ezekiel Kincaid and Bargain Basement by Aiden Leingod. To finish it all off, a … Continue reading Stitched Saturday


Stitched Saturday – May

We posted some great stories for the April post - check them out - but time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana), which takes us onto our next submission prompt. If you’re not familiar with Stitched Saturday, we give you something for inspiration and you knock up a story or a … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – May

Stitched Saturday – April

Unedited, uncensored, unsettling… The more astute amongst you will have noticed that this Stitched Saturday is a little unorthodox in that; It's not Saturday, and it's also a little late. However, as the Keeper of the Unholy Grimoire of Stitched Saturday, I bear full responsibility and you can rest assured that, as punishment, Lisa will … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – April

OPEN CALL – 11:11

OPEN CALL DEADLINE: 6.15.18 MIN AND MAX WORD COUNT: 11,000 (We will be picking 11 stories, total) Please use The Chicago Manual of Style, and RTF file attachment PAY: $25 USD TITLE: 11:11 ALL stories will be overseen by HR Arswyd - send submissions to Synopsis: One hundred years ago, on the eleventh hour … Continue reading OPEN CALL – 11:11

Stitched Saturday – March

Unedited, uncensored, unsettling… Before we get started on this months story selection, a personal note. This week the horror world lost not only a shining and unique voice, but one of the most genuinely nice people you could know. One of my fellow Stitched Smile authors Draven Ames passed a few days back, and it's … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – March

Stitched Saturday – February

The Stitched Saturday picture for February is of a fantasy horror bent, something which may/may not* have been heavily influenced by me revisiting the excellent Lovecraftian PS4 video game Bloodborne. I'd love to see what stories and poems the picture below inspires, and all your submissions will be collected together and posted up for the … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – February

Stitched Saturday

Unedited, Uncensored, Unsettling… Welcome to Stitched Saturday, the monthly blog post where writers, armed with little more than inspiration from a simple picture, conjure up some chilling prose for the cold dark evenings. This months picture was from Stitched Smile's own Briana Robertson, who has just released "Reaper", a collection of short stories all told … Continue reading Stitched Saturday