Christmas Mourning

There are times when you witness something happen to someone else that causes you to contemplate your family – parents, spouse, significant other, children or grandchildren; whatever applies to you, and spontaneously, you find yourself thanking God, Fate, the Universe or mere Chance – whatever your faith may rest in, that you are not the … Continue reading Christmas Mourning

The 12 Nights of Christmas

Why can’t we have ‘the twelve days of Halloween?' Why does Christmas have a monopoly on almost two whole weeks of the year? It's not fair, I tell you! So just for fun, for those who--like me--walk on the darker side of life here is: The Twelve Nights of Christmas. (I dare you not to … Continue reading The 12 Nights of Christmas

Flash Non-Fiction Saturday: Hopeless in AA by Mike Duke

I was barely out of the police academy and still on field training when I saw my first suicide, a quite memorable one at that. Kind of thing one never really puts out of their mind. Patrolman Fancher and I were given the call to go secure the scene until a detective arrived since all … Continue reading Flash Non-Fiction Saturday: Hopeless in AA by Mike Duke

Flash Fiction Saturday: The Rise of Agoraphobia

I look over the order and click “confirm.” Rocking back in my chair, I can’t help but feel sick. I’ve never ordered groceries online before. Why would I, with at least five grocery chains within ten miles of my home and a personally owned market two blocks away? I was on my way out, keys … Continue reading Flash Fiction Saturday: The Rise of Agoraphobia

Horror Humpday: Polar Vortex

There is no knock. No admonition. The strike is sudden, swift. And the world is blown and thrown into a bleak and glacial chaos. The howling and yowling grates, a dissonant screeching that will not abate, while tiny specks bite like serrated blades. Every fleck a small slice that cuts to the core. Blanched bulwarks … Continue reading Horror Humpday: Polar Vortex

Beowulf: The Midgard Epic–A Teaser

“Out from the marsh and rotted logs, The misty hills and sinking bogs, Arose the one God’s hatred clothed, Rose Grendel, bloodlust fully posed ...” This is one of James’ favorite quotes from his new novel Beowulf: The Midgard Epic, and a bloody good one, I concur, soon to be released from Stitched Smile Publications. … Continue reading Beowulf: The Midgard Epic–A Teaser

How-To: Author Takeovers

So you've been invited to do an author takeover at a release party. Fantabulous! Now what? While having the spotlight on you might seem overwhelming, it's really fairly simple. Readers (and that's who we're hoping is attending a release party, obviously) want to know about three things: Your book You What they  might get So … Continue reading How-To: Author Takeovers