Happy Monday! It’s time for Did You Know. With the arrival of December and the approaching Christmas holiday, many people begin to talk about Krampus, the evil twin/opposite of Santa Claus. Horror fans especially enjoy legendary and modern stories about Krampus. But did you Krampus has his own day? Well, night, actually. It’s true. December … Continue reading KRAMPUS


Happy Friday! What is everyone reading? If you are looking for something with diversity, depth, and intensity, M Ennenbach has a new collection out called dreamwhispers. Take a journey into the swirling abyss of fever dreams, starry nights, and amethyst lights. Driven by lyrical prose, captivating storytelling, and pure emotion, dreamwhispers sets sail through one … Continue reading dreamwhispers

TBT Rhapsody in Red

Happy Throwback Thursday. In December of 2020, Stitched Smile Publications published Rhapsody in Red by Peter Molnar. A Rhapsody in Red: Two Novellas of The Damned escorts you through a thorny landscape of authentically flawed and frightening Americana. In this collection of two short novels, twenty-first-century tragedy intersects with the treacherous influence of the modern … Continue reading TBT Rhapsody in Red