A Word From The Queen

Happy Friday.

Today, we have a word from the Unsaintly Queen:

lisaV1aI’m tolerant. I give people the freedom to express their opinion. But when you use your platform to condemn people for something in the arts that you feel is controversial without there being full evidence of your claims, then I have an issue.

AI Art has been the center of heated debate even though professionals have been using it for years before the invention of public AI art generators. Now people who can’t draw or never went to school for art can create fascinating pieces to share with others. And they call it art. God forbid.

I’m an artist. I sketch. I paint. I design digitally. I also do AI ART.

I also support musicians who create music with synthesizers, and we all listen to artists who use auto tune.

I’m really tired of seeing the hate centered around the arts. Writing communities are becoming toxic, now art? This is what brings us together! This is our healing tool in a world of shit.

I  literally had to unfollow an artist I REALLY loved because his entire feed was all about how silly people are who create with AI art.

We all use source material. I sketch using models, buildings, ideas from other artists, etc. That’s how you’re taught.

Life is way too short. Knock it off.  

This isn’t aimed at anyone fighting depression; this is for people who feel the need and entitlement to shit in other peoples’ joy.

Be kind to one another.



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