Happy Friday! What is everyone reading?

If you are looking for something with diversity, depth, and intensity, M Ennenbach has a new collection out called dreamwhispers.

dreamwhispers1aTake a journey into the swirling abyss of fever dreams, starry nights, and amethyst lights. Driven by lyrical prose, captivating storytelling, and pure emotion, dreamwhispers sets sail through one writer’s imagination with an unflinching stare into the condition of human beings where the shadows are sharper, and the darkness holds promises of pain.

The synopsis may not seem to tell you enough, but Bibliophilia Templum says, “dreamwhispers is the impactful and eclectic new collection from M Ennenbach. It comprises 18 stories, a Foreword by Christine Morgan, and an insightful Afterword by the author. These incredibly crafted tales run the gambit from thought-provoking to suspenseful to downright horrifying, often seasoned with dark humor and clever insight … there are twisted takes on fairytales, more sci-fi horror, bizarro, the creature horror “Blobert,” the epic poem “Psyche and Eros,” and much more.”

dreamwhispers is available on Amazon.


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