The Crows of Smith’s Booth

Happy Tuesday!

In September, we did a #tbt on Ash Hartwell’s novel Tip of the Iceberg. Well now Ash Hartwell has a new novel out.

Let’s look at The Crows of Smith’s Booth.

thecrowsofsmithsbooth1aOn the Winter’s Solstice of 1569, the villagers of Smith’s Booth hang three of sisters, accused of witchcraft. Their mother curses the village before stepping into their funeral pyre, while the sheriff spares Calena, the fourth and youngest of the sisters, placing her into The Church’s care.

Three hundred years later, the Archer family return in search of their sister’s corrupt soul and the family’s ancient grimoire.

On the same night, Victoria Wellsby comes of age, receiving a pendant that belonged to her dead mother. By Christmas Day, she will discover her twin sister and her family’s terrible secret. Heartbreak and loss will throw her into the centre of an age-old battle of Good v Evil.

And all the while, the crows will be watching.

“Your deeds of this day will cast a shadow long into your tomorrows!”

Bibliophilia Templum said, “(it) is a Victorian story about a witch’s curse … about love and lies, loyalty and betrayal, Good and Evil,” and called it “an engrossing, creepy, and brutal story full of suspense, intrigue, terror, and gruesome death … a brilliant spin on the traditional stories and legends of witches and curses and the evils that go with them.”

Ash Hartwell’s first novel, Tip of the Iceberg, published by Stitched Smile Publications, was voted Best Horror Novel 2017 by the readers at Critters org and appeared on reading lists for both the Horror Writers Association and British Fantasy Society. The Crows of Smith’s Booth is his second novel. Ash’s stories appear in anthologies published by Old Style Tales, Stitched Smile Publications, Horror Addicts(.)net, and J.E.A Press among others. He has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from MMU and lives in Northamptonshire, England with his wife. He is currently working on his first novella and third novel.

The Crows of Smith’s Booth and Tip of the Iceberg are available on Amazon.


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