Almost Normal

Happy Tuesday.

Today we are talking about author Christine Morgan. Christine is known by many for her impactful extreme horror stories and novels. But not everyone cares for extreme horror, and that’s okay. The good news is Christine Morgan does not only write extreme horror. She has a singular talent for creating less graphic folklore, supernatural, and cosmic horror. In June, we looked at her novel Birthright. Today, let’s look at her upcoming collection Almost Normal Horror.

almostnormal“When are you going to write something normal?”

Such a simple question, yet the bane of many a writer. Especially horror writers, for is not horror itself, by its very definition, already abnormal? Isn’t it horror’s basic nature to be, well, kinda messed up?

Christine Morgan—ask anyone who knows her—has not been “normal” for a long, long time. If ever. These sixteen stories, spanning over two decades, demonstrate that even when writing on the less extreme and graphic side of things, she still just somehow ain’t right.

From creepy kids and troubled teens to expectant mothers and put-upon daughters … from giant hummingbirds to tiny tragic kittens … suitcases and mannequins … phobias and madness and more, welcome to what she considers


For more about Christine Morgan, her books and stories, and her editing and proofreading services, visit her website at

Almost Normal Horror is available on Amazon and Godless.


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