Sneak Peek

Happy Friday!

We have a sneak peek for the upcoming novella by A.J. Brown.

Susie Bantum’s Death.

On a wet day in early October,  Susie Bantum jumps into a raging river. Her body is found four days later. Police and witnesses called it a suicide. Harry Killmander isn’t so sure.

Armed with a hunch and the constant appearance of a beat-up truck in the neighborhood after her death,  Henry sets out to find the truth.

Why did Susie commit suicide? Who is the man in the truck and what is his connection to her? The answers to these questions may be far more dangerous than Henry realizes. It could be the death of him.


And now, a sneak peek at the intro:

She smoked the cigarette like it was the last thing she would ever do.  Within three minutes of lightning it and a dozen or so steady puffs,  she had dwindled it down to the filter.  She flipped the butt away.  It landed on the wet ground at her feet. What remained of the red cherry was nothing more than a smoldering black pit with gray smoke billowing up from it.

No, it wasn’t the last thing she did. That belonged to the run and jump into the raging river headfirst she would take a couple of minutes later …


Susie Bantum’s Death is coming in December and will be free to certain levels of his patreon.

For more about A.J. Brown and his work, visit his website


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