Knock Knock

Happy Tuesday! What’s everyone reading?

Our minds turn to scary reads this time of year, and there are many subgenres to choose from. If you are looking for creepy gothic horror without the explicitness of extreme horror, consider Knock Knock by Heather Miller.

knockknock1a“On a dark night, in an old house, at the top of a tall hill, Millie Carver woke with a start. She didn’t sleep much these days, but she didn’t seem to be much awake, either. For her, the days and nights passed in one long unending solitude, light and dark merging together til her entire world took on a sort of twilit glow, til time itself seemed to slow and stretch and her mind wandered.”

Millie lives a lonely life in her big house all alone. When the strange occurrences begin, knockings that echo through the house, shadowy figures in her kitchen, and objects that move on their own, she really can’t tell if she’s experiencing reality or if her mind has finally given out on her.

Suzanne is worried about the strange goings-on in her mother’s house. Guilt and a strained relationship have kept her at a distance for years, but something must be done, and so she calls on the local paranormal investigation team to have a look at the house.

A story of ghostly happenings set against a Gothic backdrop of isolation and darkness, this novella explores the haunting of both a house and a lonely mind.

Bibliophilia Templum calls Knock Knock “enthralling and chilling” and says, “this story had me creeped out from the beginning. Not scared creeped out, heebie-jeebies creeped out. Heather Miller and Knock Knock get under your skin and into your mind before you know it … Knock Knock checks all the boxes for a fantastic creepy read … It’s a lot of story in a novella-sized package.”

Heather Miller is a writer of old-fashioned horror. She dreams of long candlelit passageways and things that go bump in the night. She writes in the quiet hours before sunrise. She released her first book, Knock Knock, just before her fortieth birthday, and hopes to write many more before she dies (or turns into a vampire, in which case she could write forever). Heather’s new collection, Tales My Grandmother Told Me, was released last month.

Both Knock Knock and Tales My Grandmother Told Me are available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.


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