Haunted OBject: The Ghost Ship Lady Lovibond

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Our search this week turns up the Ghost Ship Lady Lovibond, a triple-masted schooner, and todays haunted object.

The 1700’s weren’t kind to women.

There was a superstition that any woman aboard a sea vessel would be incredibly bad luck for a voyage because women anger the ocean.

Sorry, Moana.

Despite this, Captain Simon Reed coordinated a honeymoon trip for his new bride, Annetta on February 13, 1748.

The course, set for the day before Valentine’s Day, would commence along the Thames, then to the Kent coast, ending in Portugal. They would never make their destination. Rumor has it that not only was the new bride on board, but her mother and the entire wedding party were in attendance.

Enter first mate John Rivers, possibly a former suitor of the lovely Annetta, or just utterly smitten with her upon site; whatever the case truly was, he became jealous and enraged. Rivers started heavily drinking, knocked out the captain, and decided to crash Lovibond into Goodwin Sands (a 10-mile sandbank 15ft below the surface). The perfect revenge for unrequited love.

Since that fateful day, many shipbound sea folk have reported almost crashing into a schooner with three masts only to have it disappear before impact. Sounds of merriment and partying can be heard from the ship according to passerby. People that see the ship crashing and attempt to rescue any survivors, do so to no avail as there’s no wreckage to be found.

Everyone that sees the ship agrees that it appears to be a real one, no ghostly or tattered masts, no inexplicable mists. The sightings take place every five decades on Valentine’s Eve, if you are up for a cruise. If you do find yourself on the open sea, remember to keep your wits about you. Our typical rules would not apply here, other than respect any ghostly sea-faring residents still on board!

See you all in 2048.

*Today’s post brought to you by Dark Rose of Uncomfortably Dark.



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