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Happy Tuesday!

Here at SSP/HoS, we are happy and proud to support authors outside our House and work to encourage diversity in the industry.

Today, let’s look at two very different upcoming horror genre books by female authors.


Heather Miller is an up-and-coming horror known for her gift with dark gothic and folklore stories. Her new collection Tales My Grandmother Told Me is due to release September 27th.

talesgrandmotherWhen I was a little girl, my grandmother would tell me stories.

Stories of thieves and murderers, strange creatures and horrific happenings, stories of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

These were stories meant to unnerve and unsettle, to entertain and to frighten.

I’ve gathered together thirteen of those spine-tingling stories, and now I’m going to share them with you. These are the tales my grandmother told me.

Tales My Grandmother Told Me is a collection of frightening short stories … This unique blending of horror, thriller, and folklore will keep you up at night and checking under the bed. Told in a creative new voice, Heather shares with the reader the stories she grew up hearing from her grandmother and others she has created just for this release. This book is truly haunting and will keep readers coming back.


In sharp contrast is the upcoming extreme horror novel Warlock Infernal (due to release October 1st) from veteran author Christine Morgan.

warlockinSix minutes into the unholy consummation, someone finally thought to cut the live feed … but the momentous events were only just getting underway! As the Hell-Centurion Favius claims his kingdom and queen, as the Wall rises and the Dome descends, the survivors trapped inside will face some critical decisions.

Six hours ago, Gregory Nachtwald was holding hands with an angel … and how can anybody go back to any sort of normal life after that? Especially as a newly-awakened warlock with a dark and mysterious family legacy, possessing powers he hardly understands?

Six days later, they went for the nuclear option … a disgruntled and betrayed nation, and a terrified world, preparing to unleash their ultimate weapon against the diabolical stronghold that had once been a remote Florida lake.

Welcome back to Lake Misquamicus for another smutty, gory, depravity-laden adventure in WARLOCK INFERNAL, sequel to the Splatterpunk Award winning LAKEHOUSE INFERNAL!


Female authors are an important voice in the horror genre, as all types of diversity are important. And let us also remember diversity in horror subgenres allows uniqueness of artistic expression and appreciation to flourish; just because a subgenre isn’t for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value in literature.


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