Autumn is coming

Happy Monday. Fall is on its way, and it’s time for Did You Know.

Fall, autumn, autumnal equinox, the time of the harvest moon … whatever you choose to call it, the season between summer and winter is almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere.

But did you know the English term autumn, which predates the term fall, has vague origins? It is said to come from the Old French word autompne and the Latin autumnus; but Etymologists aren’t certain of the origin of the Latin autumnus. The season was originally called Harvest.

autumn1The term Fall is a shortening of “the fall of the leaves” or “the season of the falling leaves.” It is said autumn is more popularly used in the UK and fall more in the US.

While the season is historically associated with the harvest, these days (in the US, at least), it is associated with Halloween and pumpkin spice and the changing of the weather. Fans of all things in the horror genre can expect numerous releases of new books, movies, decorations, and collectibles, which we will be looking at in the coming weeks.

The first day of fall this year September 22nd.

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