No Anesthetic

Happy Friday! What’s everyone reading?

Today we look at another anthology, the recently released No Anesthetic II from Splatter Ink Publishing. This extreme horror anthology contains stories by House of Stitched’s own Thomas R. Clark and Eric Butler, stories from SSP published authors Desiree Byars and Mike Duke, a demented fairy tale by Christine Morgan, and other fantastic horror tales by amazing authors, Rowland Bercey Jr., John Baltisberger, Brian Berry, the team of McHardy & Hawker, and introducing Liam Carver.

noanestheticSplatter Ink Publishing presents No Anesthetic II, an anthology of brutal no-boundaries stories written by some of the best names in horror.
A lonely man finds love and horrifying obsession in the most unlikely place. Layla trusts Ryan and will do almost anything to please him, but what happens when almost isn’t enough? A group of friends stop to render aid on a backwoods highway. Ivan is just looking for love, but no one is ever quite what they seem.
A demented and irreverent fairytale, stories of brutal betrayal, of choices and consequences, of unimaginable horrors, and introducing Liam Carver and his dark story about the horrors of dementia. Ten extreme stories written to horrify and delivered with no anesthetic.
“Dead Reckoning” by McHardy & Hawker
“Father & Son” by Brian Berry
“Maggie’s Cat” by Liam Carver
“Safe Word” by Desiree Byars
“My Supernatural Ex-Girlfriend” by Rowland Bercy, Jr.
“Seizure” by Thomas R. Clark
“The Burning Man” by Mike Duke
“Tainted Love” by John Baltisberger
“THUMBULIMIA” by Christine Morgan
“The Best of Friends” by Eric Butler

This anthology is a great read for enjoying favorite extreme horror authors and/or sampling ones you have yet to check out. It’s available in kindle and paperback on Amazon.


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