Haunted Locations: The Palace and The Majestic Theaters in Bridgeport, CT.

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s location takes us to one of the oldest and most paranormally active places in the entire United States: CT.
One spot has captured my nomadic heart.

The Majestic and Palace are historic theater and film venues situated in a 13-acre building complex which also includes the Savoy hotel. Built by Sylvester Poli in the 20s, constructed by the same architect. These edifices are quite ornate pieces of structural beauty with gilded moldings and crystal chandeliers. To this day, they are intact inside but lacking funding for restoration.

Now to the haunting.

The Majestic and Palace. Some people claim that these theaters were built on an ancient Native American burial ground and thanks to a Mr. Stephen King we all know how good an idea that is. Others state that the spirit of a Prohibition bootlegger, alleged murderer, and gangster, Dutch Schultz, has been seen roaming around. Since closing in the 70’s, orb photos, shadowy figures and electronic voice phenomena (like that of a young girl saying ‘hellloooo’ creepily into a recorder) have been described as well as the muffled hum of a crowd.

The building isn’t open to the public, but it doesn’t stop visitors from entering to see the beauty of the building and to experience supernatural fun. If you feel the need to explore, remember the rules of respect that always apply. Respect the owners. Respect the property. Respect the residents.

Rated C for creepy. Happy Haunting.

*Todays location was brought to you by Dark Rose of Uncomfortably Dark.

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