The Night Stockers

Happy Tuesday. Today we are looking at the KillerCon Splatterpunk Award for Best Novel: The Night Stockers by Ryan Harding and Kristopher Triana.

nightstockersAttention shoppers! The employees of the Freshway grocery store aren’t too happy about having to do an overnight shift, but they’re about to be even unhappier. Their rival store, Devil’s Food, is about to lay siege upon them with extreme prejudice.

 This is no ordinary grocery chain. Devil’s Food is run by a cult of murderous Satanists committed to killing the competition—literally. Armed with hatchets, knives, maces and motorcycles, they enter the store and start picking off their victims in the most ghastly and depraved ways possible.

The Freshway’s only chance of survival is to fight, and this leads to a bloody battle royal of crazed cashiers, knife-wielding demo ladies, brutal butchers, and teenage clerks determined to make their favorite death metal albums come true.

The Night Stockers is a gory horror comedy by Splatterpunk Award-Winning authors Kristopher Triana and Ryan Harding, the men who brought you Full Brutal and Genital Grinder. Filled with bone-crushing carnage and the heaviest metal, this one promises customer satisfaction.

Meltdown Messiah Nikolas P. Robinson calls The Night Stockers “a true masterpiece of absurdity and gore” and goes on to say, “Filled to the brim with graphic sex and violence, often in tandem, The Night Stockers becomes a barrage of viscera and perverse humor that remains constant from the first to the final page.”

Other readers left reviews remarking on their enjoyment of the dark humor, over-the-top brutality, and writing style of the authors. While obviously an impressive story, The Night Stockers is clearly for Extreme Horror fans only.

It is currently available on Amazon in Kindle, audiobook, hardcover, and paperback.

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