Happy Monday, everyone. It’s time for Did You Know.

We are nearing the end of August, the eighth month of the year, but did you know it wasn’t originally named August nor was it originally the eighth month?

augustsunflowersIt’s true. August was called Sextilis (Latin for sixth) during the time of the Roman calendar because it was the 6th month.

The Roman calendar was a Lunar calendar. When Julius Caesar became pontifex maximus, he made changes over to a solar calendar, at which time, the months named for which month of the year they were was no longer accurate. And so Sextilis was changed to August, named so to honor the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar (grandnephew of Julius Caesar), in 8 BCE.

And while August often starts folks thinking about the coming of autumn and Halloween and all thing autumnal, the fall generally doesn’t start until about mid-September, these days at least.


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