Haunted Locations: Bridgewater Triangle, MASS.

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s location plunges deep into Massachusetts lore via a place known as The Bridgewater Triangle. A place that has a little something for everyone. Renowned cryptozoologist and folklorist Loren Coleman first coined the term “Bridgewater Triangle” in his book Mysterious America. (legendsofamerica.com)

This location is a 200 square mile stretch in Eastern Mass (its epicenter Hockomock Swamp) & has been a treasure trove of paranormal, supernatural, and historical occurrences since pre-colonial days.  In fact, human artifacts have been found in the area that have been dated more than 9,000 years old.

Let’s start at the fringes of the triangle.

The triangle’s tips: Abington, Freetown, and Rehoboth each have haunted locations of their own. Abington has a café where a baby can be heard but not seen crying. Freetown has a haunted forest and Rehoboth houses many a haunted cemetery. And that’s just the tip.

One can also visit the ghostly, abandoned Taunton State Hospital where visitors have told of unseen hands touching them as they pass. Most likely the result of a feisty satanic cult that once frequented the location. Other cities have cliff-diving ghosts and ghastly hitchhikers.

The entire triangular region has had reports of UFO lights in the sky & disembodied voices speaking to them at one point or another.

The swamp itself means ‘Devil’s Swamp’ and is reportedly the habitat of an enormous pterodactyl-esque creature dubbed, “The Thunderbird.”

If a ginormous bird isn’t scary enough you can also see Bigfoot, George the ghost, moving orbs of light, tall, winged creatures, mutilated cattle, the Mansfield Mystery Cat, Pukwudgies, or a huge black killer dog might do the trick. There are hundreds of reports of strange sightings, apparitions, feelings of dread, urges to self-harm and other compulsions all around the area.

If you choose to visit any of the triangle, bring your camera, and a sense of doomed adventure. As always, If you choose to roam these wilds, respect the property, respect the owners, and respect the residents.  Happy Haunting!

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