Beyond Reform

Happy Tuesday. Let’s look at another Splatterpunk Award winner.

Today we discuss the winner for Best Collection: Beyond Reform by Aron Beauregard, Jon Athan, and Jasper Bark.


Most people, no matter how flawed, have at least one redeemable quality. But the foulest fraction of society is born broken, on a warpath, headed for mayhem. They don’t feel, they don’t care, they don’t love. The deadness in their pupils reflects outward, ready to suck the blood out of everyone around them. They can’t change. They won’t change. They’re Beyond Reform.

Meet a meth-dealing maniac with his sights set on a score that could keep him out of the clink for good. An internet predator who can’t resist his latest temptation. A couple whose relationship spirals into utter depravity when they encounter an arcane artifact. A group of women who come together bonded by their devotion to a serial killer. A funeral parlor director who spends a little too much time with his work. And a mass-murderer in a burnt out tower block who kills without touching his victims.

Step into the path of darkness, meet those so wicked their souls should be evicted, in Beyond Reform!

Bibliophilia Templum says, “These stories delve deep into the darkest, most brutal sides of generational street violence, the madness of betrayal, pedophiles, hybristophiles, necrophiles, and the consequences of corruption and greed. The authors pull no punches in their portrayals of the darkness of humanity and the horrifying outcomes of the things people do to one another. These stories are mentally invasive and relentless. And, of course, that is due in no small part to the skills of the authors.”

Nikolas P Robinson says, “The stories are grim, fatalistic, captivating, sometimes amusing, and often horrifying in their portrayal of the worst aspects of human nature.”

The Amazon listing, reviewers, and fans all note that these are extreme horror and Splatterpunk stories with graphic content and writing, and readers should consider this before diving in.

Beyond Reform is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

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