True Crime Sunday: The Cape Intruder

Welcome back to True Crime Sunday! This week we’re going to take a look at the strange case of someone with a peculiar habit.

Imagine living in one of those perfect seaside towns you’d see on a postcard… beaches, lighthouses, and tranquility. Now imagine waking up to a stranger watching you sleep in your house in that perfect seaside town. That’s exactly what happened in our story.

In 2005, the residents of Cape Elizabeth, Maine experienced just that. Starting in August, some residents woke up to find someone standing in their bedroom watching them sleep. Pretty scary, right? What makes this story even stranger is the fact that nothing was taken and the man watching didn’t touch anyone, at least as far as they knew. When they woke and saw him, he fled the home.

The incidents continued in December 2005 and February of the following year. With the town’s low crime rate, some residents didn’t lock their doors or windows. These are the folks the Cape Intruder, as he came to be known, visited. It was always the same: nothing was taken, no one was touched, and the intruder fled when the people woke up to see him.

Police released a sketch of the nightly visitor, possibly a man in his 20s, and tips came in. Two of the calls mentioned the same person for police to investigate, but no one was ever caught. After the February incidents, the Cape Intruder stopped visiting.

This is a curious case with all kinds of questions. Was the intruder someone visiting the area or someone local? Being a visitor might explain the timing of the intrusions. Was he just someone who enjoyed watching people get a good night’s sleep? Are there cases like this out there? I did a search, but couldn’t find anything like this. There are cases where people awoke to find someone watching them, but the person took things from the home… or worse.

Thank you for joining me. What case will we look at next week? There’s only one way to find out…

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