KillerCon 2022

Stitched Smile Publications / House of Stitched was at KillerCon Austin 2022 this past weekend. The Unsaintly Queen Lisa Vasquez, VP Candace Nola, and Editor/Reviewer Lisa Lee Tone were all in attendance.


KillerCon is a purposefully smaller horror con specifically for authors, editors, publishers, reviewers, and small press/indie supporters and fans. It has author-focused panels, book and art vendors, book signings, contests, and lots of fellowship in addition to the Splatterpunk Awards. KillerCon is known for its relaxed atmosphere and discussions and its social premise.

This year, KillerCon saw Candace Nola and Lisa Lee Tone together on a panel about how authors can handle critique and editing.

In addition, our own Candace Nola won the Splatterpunk Award for best anthology with Baker’s Dozen.


An official SSP write up is forthcoming from the Unsaintly Queen Lisa Vasquez herself.


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