No throwback this Thursday because we have something new to show you.

We have been talking about dark poetry, and House of Stitched’s own M Ennenbach has a new collection out titled (un)tethered.

untethered(un)tethered by rationality, adrift on waves of bipolar dissonance, a collection of pining odes to wildflowers and succulent agonies in the grip of divine madness as told by a fool drowning in words

M Ennenbach is a lot of things. Part time dreamer. Full time poet. Scribbler of tales. An Illinois yankee in DFW, but don’t hold any of that against him. A proud father of two that he loves more than life itself. His stories are written from a place of raw emotion, stripped pieces of the man himself spun into powerful trips through nightmare and daydream. Sometimes bleak, at others hilarious, but always unique glimpses of another realm; his words will take you on a journey.

Rayne Havok says Ennenbach’s poetry is “like soul therapy.” Another review said “his fingernails rake across your soul …”

Ennenbach’s website Mike’s Manic Word Depot is home to daily poetry and news, and a list of all his available published works is on the About page.

(un)tethered is currently available on Amazon.


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