Haunted Locations: The Eddy House, Chittenden, Vermont

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s location takes us to The Eddy House, Chittenden, Vermont.

Once owned by two brothers, William & Horatio, who came from a long line of psychics, witches, and seers. The boys had a very rough life, having been sold to a traveling show by their father at a young age and were plagued with odd happenings due to their growing powers: inanimate objects levitating and flying of their own accord which made going to school impossible.

They took control of the house after their father passed & began holding seances in the yard. Participants could expect to communicate directly with the ghostly visitors during these sessions. In the 1870’s, they had become so famous that the small town began to be known as “Spirit Capital of the Universe.” The brothers traveled extensively performing a routine called a ‘spirit cabinet.’ This would entail William going into a cabinet and once seated, the spirits of the attendees loved ones would begin to materialize in front of them.

To this day the house has reported instances of strange noises that shake the walls, disembodied voices coming from empty rooms, and a history of babies vanishing from their cribs. Visitors to the house have reported a feeling of heaviness, a sort of mentally unnerving presence. Other accounts of mysterious beings in the surrounding woods, various apparitions and other such incidents continue to plague this small town.

Today, the house is in use as a High Life Ski Lodge. If you choose to visit and see what experiences you might have, other than skiing and exploring the nature trails, always remember to exercise caution in all that you do. Respect the property. Respect the owners. Respect the ghostly residents that may still roam. Happy Haunting!



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