It’s Tuesday, and a new group of Wererats hit the scene yesterday in the novella Den of the Wererats by Terry Miller.

denofthewererats1aJonathan and Paul are new to Portsmouth, Ohio. To strengthen their pack, they soon recruit Kelly and Devin. The freshly turned pack members adjust and settle in. But before long, secrets begin to unravel their unity. To complicate matters, Raven, a new prospect, has a secret of her own—a secret that will confront every pack member with horrors they never imagined.

While Den of the Wererats falls under the heading of urban fantasy horror, the publisher politely makes it known that this story does contain extreme content some may find disturbing or offensive, as well as intense brutality, and may be considered extreme horror by many.

Bibliophilia Templum calls it “an amazing story” and says, “Brutality notwithstanding, it’s a fun read … The tension is fantastic.”

Terry Miller lives in southern Ohio. Though his poetry and fiction have appeared in various anthologies around the world, Den of the Wererats is his first novella.

Den of the Wererats is available on Amazon and Godless.

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