Happy Monday, everyone.

Did you know Stitched Smile Publications/House of Stitched Magazine is open to marketing collaboration?

We believe the indie and small press community is a family and we all do better when we support one another. Why? I am glad you asked. There are many reasons for this. Our House of Stitched family is made up of many talented authors who publish with various houses, not just SSP. We support our family and all their works. Also, publishing houses tend to have different subgenre focus and readers often enjoy more than one subgenre. We support our followers by offering information on other books they might be interested in. These are just a couple of the many reasons why we should work together as a community.

SSP/HoS is looking to work with vetted publishing houses with a clean reputation. We are offering to place one page every issue featuring up to four new releases coming in the next 3 months in exchange for reciprocated promotion.

Contact us regarding collaborations and join us as we continue to explore works outside SSP.



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