The Nightmare Edition

Happy Friday! What’s everyone reading?

We have been discussing anthologies, and today we have a new one for you.

Earlier this month, KJK Publishing released The Horror Collection: Nightmare Edition, the 12th anthology in The Horror Collection series. Let’s take a look.

thehorrorcollectionnightmare1aBook twelve in The Horror Collection sits at over ninety-thousand words — by far the heftiest book in the best-selling anthology series. As to be expected from our horror compilations — expect the unexpected!

This Nightmare Edition is filled with many familiar names and some new talent joining the impressive KJK Publishing catalogue.

We are coming to wreak havoc in your nightmares.
The Llama by Drew Stepek
When Calls the Deep by Mike Duke
Run Rabbit Run by Andrew Lennon
The Graveyard by Lee Mountford
Peuchen by Lex H. Jones
Soul Prism by Ruthann Jagge
A Broken Man by Steve Stred
Three Seconds by Nicola Lombardi
It Walks About the Woods by Tom Deady
Boys Will be Boys by Natasha Sinclair
Clubhouse of the Dead by David Owain Hughes
The Old Man at the Gatehouse by Simon Clark
Meetings with the Devil by J.C. Michael
Taste for Adventure by Matthew A. Clarke
I Am the Storm by Michael Bray
Old Soul by RJ Roles
Beneath A Templar Cross by Gord Rollo
Beast by Kyle M. Scott

Bibliophilia Templum called the collection “intense” and said, “These stories crawl under your skin and burrow into your brain.”

The Horror Collection series is known for having a variety in each edition, and with the size of this one, the diversity is pretty good. The number of stories also makes this a good anthology for exploring new authors. While a few of the stories seem to have slipped through the copy-editing cracks, the anthology is still a worthy read on the whole.

The Horror Collection: Nightmare Edition is currently available on Amazon at

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