Signed Books

Happy Monday. It’s time for Did You Know.

Did you know some authors sell signed copies of their books direct? It’s true!

So many readers are enamored with the idea and practice of having signed editions, but a lot of people simply cannot make it to public events to get them, especially with the current health crisis. These readers are generally willing to pay that little extra to have signed books shipped to them. Sometimes you can buy signed editions from the publisher, but the fun part about buying direct from the author is many of them will personalize it upon request.

So how does this happen?

I’m glad you asked.

Some authors have a link on their websites where you can order or request signed books when they are available. But many authors who sell signed books simply post on social media when they have some on hand to sell. This is a good reason to follow your favorite authors on their social media of choice.

signedbooksAnd if you don’t see a recent post about selling signed books, ask them. Message them on social media or contact them through their website and politely ask them if they sell signed copies. Politely is the operative word here; remember, they are people and do not owe you a book on demand. (Shipping books takes time and work, and so does signing them in the first place). Some authors love hearing from fans and enjoy knowing someone wants a signed book. They may not have any at that time but plan on getting some in the near future, and if you are nice, they might tell you that and tell you when.

Pro tip: Many authors sell signed copies over the internet after events, selling what they have left from said event, so watch their social media post-convention.

It’s a wonderful thing for fans when an author is willing and able to sell and ship signed copies. Authors, take note of this and maybe ask your social media following about it if you are considering it. Readers, follow your favorite authors on social media and let them know you are interested in buying signed copies, but always be respectful.


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