Conversations with Dead Serial Killers

Happy Saturday. Are you into the serial killer subgenre of horror? Ashley Lister has an interesting take on that in his book Conversations with Dead Serial Killers.

conversationswithdeadserialkillers1a“A clown can get away with murder.” -John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown.
Derek Turner makes his living as a psychic. But, when he makes his first genuine contact with the spirit world, it is an encounter that starts him on a pathway to holding conversations with dead serial killers.
Someone is recreating the most infamous crimes of the world’s sickest serial killers: including Jack the Ripper, BTK, Charles Albright and Ed Gein. Derek learns that it’s within his power to either profit from this situation or bring it to a needed conclusion and prevent further unnecessary deaths.
But profit can be a compelling argument.
Blending the reports from true crime stories with the lies from a professional psychic, Conversations with Dead Serial Killers explores the danger and obscenity that comes from glamourising murderers.
From the Book: The thing that few people appreciated about Ed Gein was his skill as a seamstress. 

That opening line is great, isn’t it?

Bibliophilia Templum says, “Conversations with Dead Serial Killers by Ashley Lister is a complex, fast-paced, and brutal tale about serial killers, stage psychics, and people’s fetish for glamorizing acts of evil and brutality” and calls it “A smart, entertaining, and brutal read.”

Ashley Lister is a prolific writer of fiction across a broad range of genres, having written more than fifty full length titles and over a hundred short stories. He is the co-host of Blackpool’s Pub Poets and a regular participant (and occasional winner) in their monthly Haiku Death Match. Aside from regularly blogging about writing, Ashley also teaches creative writing in the North West of England. He has recently completed a PhD in creative writing where he looked at the relationship between plot and genre in short fiction. For more information on him and his books, check out his website and blog at

And check out Conversations with Dead Serial Killers on Amazon at

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