Happy Friday!

Summer is really heating up, and finding a cool spot to read is always a good idea. But what are you reading? Who are you reading? And have you considered trying new authors? Most of us have at one point or another while waiting for favored authors to finish that next book. But how does one go about doing that without a big financial investment? One way, my favorite way, is anthologies.

anthosAn anthology is a book that collects short works by different authors. An anthology usually has a theme of some sort, like storms, hauntings, zombies, vampires, werewolves—Splatter Ink Publishing has an anthology coming out soon with cryptids as the theme. Sometimes the theme is simply a specific subgenre, like cosmic horror, folklore, or extreme horror. Sometimes, the theme is kind of vague. Most anthologies are comprised of short stories, but some may have novelettes or drabbles or even poetry.

Choosing an anthology can be as simple as choosing a theme or subgenre. Or, you can take a second step and make sure one or two authors you like are in it, just as insurance you will at least enjoy some of it. Another step might be looking for authors you know you want to sample.

Does that sound a bit cannibalistic? Well, there are anthologies with that as a theme too!

We will discuss some specific anthologies in the future. For now, what anthologies have you read? What are you looking for? Enjoy the quest.


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