Strigoi: The First Family

Happy Throwback Thursday.

In 2016, SSP published Strigoi: The First Family, written by Michael S. Freeman and Donelle Pardee Whiting.

strigoiNot all monsters are made. Some are born. And sometimes, history gets it wrong.

A freelance writer is invited to an elderly man’s home to witness his telling of the family history to his sons. The patriarch’s reason for requesting a stranger into his home as he shares his tale is a simple one. He wants the young man to write the true history of Family Dracul, to trace the lineage back to the very first member of a family cursed.

But, the old man has another agenda. He wants to warn humanity; what happened in the past was nothing compared to what is to come.

Amazon reviewers call it “a great read,” “a great story,” and a “page turner.”

This book does come with a warning about graphic descriptions, but said graphic writing is not gratuitous.

Strigoi: The First Family is currently 99 cents on Kindle. It’s also available in Audible and Paperback. Check it out on Amazon here.


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