Haunted Location: KiMo Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Welcome back to weird Wednesday, home of the most haunted and horrific places on the internet. Here we travel to seek spirits, to learn the history, to immerse ourselves in the reasons as to why they cannot move on. Is there a purpose to this search? 

Maybe for many, it’s to learn if there is life after death, to understand if there is something more to look forward to. For others, perhaps they are seeking a lost loved one of their own and are yearning for a message from the other side. For the rest, the thrill of the hunt, the tingle of fear after midnight, the intrigue it provides and the age-old question of whether ghosts exist or not. Maybe the story of the KiMo Theater will help convince some of the skeptics out there. 

The KiMo was built in 1925 for $150,00 and opened in 1927. Sadly, the owner Oreste Bachechi died just a year later, leaving the theater to his sons. The sons used the theater to combine Vaudeville acts with roadshows and movie showings and business was booming but like many buildings, it was not without tragedy. 

In 1951, an incident at the KiMo took the life of a young boy named Bobby, when the boiler in the basement exploded. The explosion collapsed part of the lobby, where Bobby had been standing. He was consumed by the inferno in the basement, no chance of any rescue as it was simply too sudden for anyone to do anything. Bobby had been there with friends, watching a movie in the balcony when a scene scared him and he went down to the lobby to wait. Seconds later, the boiler blew. 

The theater still operates today, putting on a wide variety of live shows but the owners and actors both will tell you that the spirit of Bobby lives on. He has been seen smiling and waving from the balcony, causing chaos on stage when the actors do not acknowledge him and playing other such pranks.  When the actors began leaving him small gifts, food, and treats before each show, the pranks ceased and their shows would go smoothly, but when the treats are forgotten or removed, Bobby begins his pranks once more. 

There is also another spirit that likes to roam the hallways of the KiMo, a woman wearing an old-fashioned bonnet is frequently seen wandering the halls. She does not bother anyone, seemingly content just to wander alone. 

You can read more on the story and see the beautiful building that is the KiMo Theater at the links below.  As always, if you go seeking spirits in the night, remember the rules. Respect the owners, the property, and the residents within!  Happy Haunting! 


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