Throwback Thursday

Time for Throwback Thursday.

Two years ago, Stitched Smile Publications released Patchwork, the debut horror collection from Desiree Byars.

patchwork1aStitched together inside are four individual short stories, each a unique tale. Dive under the Patchwork quilt and snuggle with some new friends: Bailey Marie, the neglected, spiteful child.

The ASMR addict who can’t be satisfied.

The dead man who dug his way out to reunite with his wife only to find things aren’t the same anymore.

The grown woman who bands with her inner child to slay her life’s biggest demon.

They’re eager to meet you …

Includes the stories:
“Bailey Marie”
“Dear Cricket”

Author Christine Morgan called Patchwork “Raw, relentless, and unflinching, these stories cast a cold harsh spotlight into the darkest corners of disturbed psyches; even the humorous interlude goes some horrible places.”

Author and co-owner of Pugnacious Press Pippa Bailey had this to say: “Dark, depraved, and thrilling. Patchwork tears you apart with tales of trauma, abuse, and suffering wrapped in a delicious quilt of stunningly crafted prose. I would warn readers that this will take them on an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s a ride they need in their life. 10/10”

Desiree Byars loves all things horror. When she’s not writing it, she’s reading it, watching it, or playing video games. She lives with her husband and several rescue animals.

Check out this incredible collection on Amazon here.


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