Did You Know?

Happy Monday. It’s time for Did You Know?

Did you know that Extreme Horror and Splatterpunk are NOT the same?

They are two different subgenres of horror, and Splatterpunk is not a variety of Extreme Horror. The August 2021 issue of House of Stitched Magazine has an in-depth article written by Brian Keene on these differences.

There are many different varieties of Extreme Horror, and it is defined as having extreme content and/or descriptions. It is graphic, gory, explicit, extreme, any combination thereof. While Splatterpunk is generally graphic, gory, explicit, extreme, any combination thereof, it is not defined by those things. Punk when used in reference to the arts refers to the counter-culture movement. Splatterpunk pushes the boundaries of society and culture as an integral part of the story. Of course, it also pushes the boundaries of readers in many cases by putting these things out there within the horror genre and all it encompasses.

House of Stitched MagazineBrian Keene says it best, of course.

Check out his article in House of Stitched Magazine here


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