When Others’ Opinions Matter

Happy Saturday!

Do you sometimes wonder what other people are reading and what they think about it? Perhaps you are thinking about a title but have never read the author. There are many ways to get the goods on books from others.


One way to take a peek at others and get suggestions is to join a social media group. There are so many, maybe too many, so choose one that is genre or subgenre specific. Watch for trolls and people flexing self-importance, and don’t be afraid to exit a group and try another.


Speaking of groups, you could try joining Goodreads, which is essentially one big book club. Not only is it a great place to leave a rating and/or review for a favored book, it is also a great place to see what others have to say about books. Look up a specific book by entering the title in the search bar. Go to the book and check out the stats and read the reviews. You can also click on a reviewer’s name to see what types of books they read and what kinds of reviews they leave. Why? Well, again, some people are just flexing. If a review seems out of place, you can check the reviewer to see if they are prone to such things.


Another fun thing you can do is follow review blogs. But there are so many review blogs, how does one begin? I’m glad you asked. Let’s begin by telling you about some reviewers we know.

Uncomfortably Dark: Uncomfortably Dark Book Reviews is run by our very own Candace Nola and is found on the Uncomfortably Dark website, which has many things besides reviews to offer. The review page itself outlines both the boundaries of books reviewed and the rating system used in the reviews. There is a wide range of subgenres represented here, so check it out at https://www.uncomfortablydark.com/blank-page-1

Bibliophilia Templum: Bibliophilia Templum is a review and resource site run by our own Lisa Lee. The main page has a section outlining the types of books reviewed, and the site features heading options that include subgenre and certain author names. This site reviews genres from sci-fi/fantasy to suspense to extreme horror and includes articles on resources and authors. Check it out at https://bibliophiliatemplum.wordpress.com/

Horror Bookworm Reviews: Horror Bookworm Reviews is the review blog of Mike Rankin. Mike is known for his excellent reviews of the more hardcore horror subgenres. This is a straightforward blog, and Mike updates it with new reviews regularly. Check it out at https://horrorbookwormreviews.com/

The Voracious Gnome: The Voracious Gnome is another straightforward review blog. It’s the reviews of Christina Eleanor, aka Gnome to her friends. Christina reads a wide range of horror subgenres and is known for her thoughtful but straightforward insights. Check it out at https://thevoraciousgnome.wordpress.com/

Christine Morgan’s World of Words: Christine Morgan’s World of Words is the website for author Christine Morgan. Among the site’s other offerings regarding her work is her review blog. Christine is known for witty reviews and seems to read and review a wide range of subgenres. Her reviews are posted in groups once a month or so, and the site has an archive list for easy viewing. Check it out at https://christinemariemorgan.wordpress.com/reviews/review-archives/

Did you notice some of these are blatantly free WordPress sites? These reviewers are not making money from reviewing. They do not charge for reviews. These are people in the horror community and industry who are also reviewers and have review blogs. These are not bought reviews. These are not book promotion companies. These are reviewers who are simply passionate about books. Other types of reviews exist too. Review blogs generally have social media accounts and are active on review sites such as Goodreads. Look for authors you know and love on social media and see what reviews of their own works they are sharing and who is writing them.

Go forth and be nosy and find out what others are reading and why.

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