Your Opinion Matters

Social media is full of conversations about leaving reviews for books one has read. Authors and publishers are often making posts and sharing memes about the importance of leaving reviews. And even if some of the claims about reviews and rankings are questionable, reviews do matter.

Sometimes when a reader is checking out a listing on Amazon for a book by an author they are not familiar with, they will notice whether or not others are reading the book. They may not necessarily read the reviews, but consciously or subconsciously, they will take note of that number of ratings and reviews. Your review of that book you really enjoyed helps that author get the word out and sell more books. It really is a great way to support an author. This is true of reviews left on Goodreads or other platforms as well. It helps create visibility.

Goodreads is a great place to leave a review because it is a vast reader community where discussing books is all. You can connect with other readers and reader groups, see what others are reading, and share your opinions. It also helps create visibility. It’s one big conversation about books.

And that is the thing about reviews, they are part of the conversation. You can contribute as much or as little to that conversation as you please. The important thing is to have a voice. It doesn’t have to be long. Pick a star rating and say what you liked about it. One doesn’t have to be a reviewer to say, “This book was scary. I liked it.” Something that simple is fine; it’s a review.

That being said, leaving a scathing review for a book because it was extreme horror and you didn’t know it was extreme horror and you don’t like extreme horror (for example) is not a fair review. There is a difference between a poorly written or presented story and a subgenre that is not your thing. If you feel the need to leave a less than good review, make it constructive and not just a verbal assault.

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual reader, an obsessive reader, a fellow author, or head of a publishing house, if you enjoyed that book you just finished, take a few minutes to say so. It really is a great way to support an author!

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