TBT House of Stitched

Happy Throwback Thursday.

The new issue of House of Stitched Magazine is coming soon! In honor of that, let’s do a throwback to last year’s Fall Edition, which is still available on Kindle through Amazon.

51FKIw8W98LThe 2021 Fall Edition featured an interview with Dacre Stoker along with a review of the Stoker Verse Novel The Virgin’s Embrace and an article on The Order of the Dragon. There’s also an article on the history of the Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror subgenres by Brian Keene and multiple interviews and articles and writings and art, and reviews on books, games, music, and movies. The full table of contents is available in the Amazon preview. This is a 150+ page full color publication.

More information on the upcoming issue will be available soon. But if you missed this landmark issue last fall, now is a great time to catch up!

Check it out on Amazon HERE

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