It’s Saturday!

It’s Saturday!

What do you enjoy besides reading?

For some, of course, the answer is writing. But what other hobbies do you enjoy? We took an unofficial poll to find out what some of us like to do for fun.

Of course, a big one is games. There are so many types of games too: video games, table top games, D&D. What kind of games do you enjoy?

We also have collections. Collecting things can be very satisfying. Collection hobbies included rock collecting, book collecting, soul collecting … wait … what … um …

Anyway, some people spoke of enjoying more artistic pursuits. Painting with acrylics, crochet, doodling and sketching, cooking, and playing music. There was also enjoying the arts: watching horror movies, listening to music, and attending theater.

Then we have more active hobbies. Riding, as in motorcycles, is a great way to spend spare time. Also hiking with friends or family, martial arts, archery, and gardening.

Thinking about trying a new hobby? I’m sure you can find a book on that …

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