Haunted Locations: Sallie House, Kansas

Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday where we like to go on short jaunts through historically haunted places. Today’s trip is short but not very sweet. The location featured today has been hailed as one of the country’s most haunted locations. Read on to find out why.

Located in Atchinson, Kansas, the Sallie House is often called one of America’s most haunted houses. Built in the early 1900’s, the house was the home of a local doctor. Sallie was a little girl that was brought there by her mother, suffering what was believed to have been acute appendicitis. The doctor knew she needed emergency surgery, and he began the surgery a few minutes before the anesthesia took effect. The little girl died screaming under his knife, thinking the man was torturing her, rather than helping her.

Over the years, strange occurrences began to build up at the house, slowly escalating to physical attacks on the man that lived there in 1993. Other occurrences are still being reported such as objects being moved from room to room, full batteries suddenly being drained, strange noises and whispering, and other instances of physical contact.

The house has not been lived in since 1993 but is still open for tours, both daylight and overnight investigations can be booked online. The house has been visited by hundreds of people, mostly those with a paranormal background or with psychic abilities. Several ghost hunter shows have been to the house for investigations including shows from the SyFy channel, Discovery and the Travel channel.

You can visit the sites listed below for more detail on the Sallie House and its ghostly resident, as well as book a tour. There is also a link to buy the book written by the last tenant to live in the house in 1993. It was her husband that was subjected to the physical attacks prompting their decision to move out.

As always, if you go, happy hunting and follow the three R’s. Respect the property. Respect the owners. Respect the residents. You are a guest in their house.





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