Did You Know?

Happy Monday, everyone. It is time for the first in a series called Did You Know? In this series, we will discuss interesting tidbits and news in the book world.

Today on Did You Know … Did you know Send to Kindle will no longer be supporting MOBI files? This is from their letter to subscribers:

Thank you for using the Send to Kindle service to send personal documents to your Kindle library. We wanted to let you know that starting August 2022, you’ll no longer be able to send MOBI (.mobi, .azw) files to your library. Any MOBI files already in your Kindle library will not be affected by this change.
MOBI is an older file format and won’t support the newest Kindle features for documents. Any existing MOBI files you want to read with our most up-to-date features for documents will need to be re-sent in a compatible file format.
Also, compatible formats now include EPUB (.epub), which you can send to your library using your Send to Kindle email address. We’ll also be adding EPUB support to the free Kindle app for iOS and Android devices and the Send to Kindle desktop app for PC and Mac.
If you have any questions, please visit our help page or contact our Customer Service team.


An article by an independent source suggested you will still be able to directly upload mobi files from your computer, but one has to wonder what the end result will be when opening that file. Time will tell.

Another article discussed the announcement that .epub will now be a compatible format, detailing the improvements necessary for such documents to be fully readable going forward. It will be exciting if that goes well. Again, time will tell.

While this will have a clear impact on authors, publishers, and reviewers who receive advanced reader copies (ARCs), anyone who uses the service or is considering using the service in the future needs to be aware that changes are afoot.

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