to snack, or not to snack?

It’s Sunday Funday.

For many of us, reading equals fun. But do you snack when you read? What are some of your favorite reading time snacks?

A completely unofficial poll revealed some tasty answers.

Of course, there’s popcorn: buttered, cheese flavored, and a vote for kettle corn. What other popcorn flavors do you like to indulge in when reading?

Chips and salsa is a delicious favorite, and it has a hint of the nutritious depending on what chips and what salsa. What’s your preference there?

Cheese and pepperoni is an indulgent and nutritious companion snack for reading. A delicious meat and cheese tray is a fine choice. What varieties would you choose?

M&Ms obviously made the list! It’s a perfect snacking treat. Another sweet and decadent treat is Lily’s chocolate chips. Other candy snacks included jellybeans, Twizzlers, and berry Mike and Ike. What sweets do you like with your literary time?

And how about peanut butter from a jar? Another good one. I am sure there are those who might like Nutella too.

The poll also revealed some prefer to sip tea or coffee while reading. Or maybe they prefer reading during tea and coffee time. Either way sounds delightful.

And there was a healthy representation of those who prefer not to snack while reading because of the danger of getting food and/or drink on the book. We hate that.

Experience tells us that certain books or parts of books are not conductive to appetite or consumption, but that aside … to snack, or not to snack? That is the question.

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