Let’s get ready for the weekend! What’s everyone reading?

If you are looking for a quick weekend read with some bite, you should check out Aurelio Rico Lopez III’s latest novella, RARE.

A group of friends take a trip to a remote cabin to enjoy Mother Nature.
But something is lurking in the woods … something that has eluded human eyes for years.
It is hungry …
And it has caught their scent.

In the introduction, Jasper Bark says this about Lopez:
“He knows how horror works and why it works. He’s not trying to reinvent the genre or transcend it, he simply wants to celebrate it in all its pulpy, gory glory.”

Aurelio is a self-diagnosed scribble junkie from Iloilo City, Philippines. He enjoys rock and roll, pancakes, campy horror movies, dark fiction, coffee, and doughnuts. Other great weekend reads he’s written include Not the Forgiving Kind and No Grave Too Deep.

Get RARE in Kindle or paperback on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Rare-Aurelio-Rico-Lopez), where you can also sneak a peek with a Look Inside preview.


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