#STITCHEDSATURDAY – Mike Lane (another one!)

Hi, I’m Mike L Lane. You may very well be a figment of my imagination, but real or not, there’s no reason we can’t be friends. I have many friends in my head and you’re welcome to hang out with them—no social distancing required, I promise. 

Just like in my story, I believe inspiration really does strike when you least expect it and Train to the Stars was a perfect example of this.  Last week I penned a tale for this same prompt entitled Mother Woodland (check it out if you haven’t already), but the picture of that subway train with the shattered glass and blood kept talking to me. There was something there it begged me to show, but I was in no mood to write at all. I literally typed the first line to this story, thinking if inspiration was there it would launch from that one single thought. Marko and Marion shuffled in right on the heels of that thought and BAM—Train to the Stars practically wrote itself in a day, much to Marion’s dismay. If you like it—and you truly are real—I’d love to hear your thoughts. Marko’s saved a seat for you…

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3 thoughts on “#STITCHEDSATURDAY – Mike Lane (another one!)

  1. The picture is a painting painted with the murder victim. Brilliant!!! I have done Lisa’s writing prompts before but never did it occur to me that the pictures could represent and object in the world and not world itself. This was chilling. Very entertaining and time well spent! My hats off to you Sir!


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