I’m an active duty Marine.  Reading got me through deployment and eased a lot of stress.  My goal through writing is to give that back.  I write for that service member on deployment, that home sick college student,  that weary traveler stuck at an airport or anyone at home tired and needing an escape from life’s daily grinds.  Hopefully, I can amplify  on that promise soon.  The idea of writing my first book always seemed like a pie in the sky dream but thanks to Lisa Vasquez, that dream may be a reality soon.  I look forward to enjoying some of ya’ll work.  Semper Fi!

-Joaquin Bonel

2 thoughts on “#STITCHEDSATURDAY – Joaquin Bonel

  1. I love the way you set the atmosphere with sensory descriptions, my favorite line being “If Hell had a color, it was the red glow from those lights.” Fantastic story!


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