#StitchedSaturday – JAMES CHIN

The following story is from James Chin. This is the first story he’s ever written and I want to thank him for participating in our #StitchedSaturday!

My eyes open suddenly to the sounds of a girl screaming. The flickering light overhead and the pounding headache disorienting me. . . As I grab my forehead it feels warm to the touch, blood? I hear the scream again coming from the next car. I pull myself up and start to walk towards the door for what seemed like forever, the sound of the light flickering as I approach the broken bloody door and reach for the door handle. As my hand grips the handle a cold chill shivers through the core of my bones, yet I feel no fear only curiosity. . .when I open it all the lights are on except the one at the very end of the car. As the light flickers I can see a little girl standing in the middle of the aisle with her back turned to me. I stare feeling ever more curious, why was I not afraid? Her white dress dirty and shredded, blood streaming down her forearms lightly dripping off the tip of her fingers. The little girl starts to lightly sob now, her eerie cries sounding faint and distant. I take my first step towards her and I start to hear whispers. Thousands of angry, sad, distorted unintelligible whispers all talking at once. Step after step the whisper seem to get louder, yet I am still not able to make out what they say. I am now only a few feet away, the voices overwhelming every sense in my body dropping me to my hands and knees inches away from the little girl. Suddenly, I feel the cold tiny hands touch both sides of my face. The voices suddenly stop, and I feel a sudden sense of relief. I look up to see completely dark, empty, cold eyes staring directly into mine only for a second before she lets out a deathly scream. A sound of a train horn goes off and I jump from my sleep. . . The same girl I was just face to face with sitting in front of me with her mother at her side, the little girl staring at me with a blank look. Looks like I missed my stop again but luckily, I am only a couple miles from my apartment.

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